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More choices and products

At your bank you are limited to the few products offered by that bank. I have access to major banks, trust companies, insurance firms as well as private lenders and can select from a pool of hundred different products to find you the right loan. with the features, you need

Better rate than your bank

By brokering so many deals and leveraging through so many financial institutions, I am able to provide you with a discount rate that you would not find at your bank.

Unbiased professional advice

Since I don't work for the bank nor am I tied to any one lender, I will provide you with unbiased professional advice and guide you every step of the way.


Mike Tabesh has more than 15 years of successful experience combined with an MBA in the finance industry. His knowledge of finance, banking, accounting, and also market makes Mike Tabesh your go-to mortgage specialist. Not only does Mike possess professionalism and confidence but he is also truly resourceful when it comes to his profession.

He takes true pride in assisting people to find the perfect loan, in point of fact, he works with clients, not the banks. Mike has gained a reputation as one of the most distinguished mortgage brokers in Toronto with CENTUM Liberty Mortgages.

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Office: 905-505-6060 | Cell: 416-875-3300


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  • Abdolali Soufi
    Five Stars!! Mike is amazing, he made the mortgage process stress-free! Very friendly, professional, helpful, and made everything straightforward. I highly recommended Mike Tabesh to anyone who is looking for the best Mortgage.  
    Abdolali Soufi
  • ITC Immigration
    I was very lucky to be introduced to Mike by another happy client of his. You proved that you cared. I was prepared for a rough road to get a good mortgage in the midst of very uncertain times and it was processed and approved way beyond my expectation. Thank you, Mike!  
    ITC Immigration
  • Vahid Sadeghian
    I highly recommend Mike if you are looking for a professional and straightforward mortgage broker. The best thing I like about Mike is that It’s very easy to work with him. This is especially important to reduce the stresses of finding a good mortgage and buying a home. Mike always listens to his client’s needs, delivers on his promise, and provides the most competitive rates and best conditions. Definitely recommend his services!    
    Vahid Sadeghian
  • Roya Moradi
    Mike was with us every step of the way, My husband and I were purchasing a home for the first time and didn’t know how anything worked. He answered all our questions and explained everything in detail, no matter how many questions we had. Mike is very knowledgeable, professional, and absolutely trustable. He was available whenever we needed to phone him and he was exceptionally helpful. I felt like a had a family friend helping me every step of the way. I highly recommend Mike Tabesh, especially to new home buyers!    
    Roya Moradi
  • Hamid Safavi
    I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for a mortgage. He is an amazing guy and very professional, he got my mortgage approved at the lowest rate and he makes it impossible to possible, short he is the number ONE.    
    Hamid Safavi
  • Bahareh H
    Mike was very helpful, professional, and punctual. I had many bumps along the road from the builder's side and Mike helped me through it all. 10/10 would recommend. I am very happy I bought my first property with him as my mortgage.
    Bahareh H
  • Mohammad Ghafari
    Whether you qualify or not, good credit or bad, don’t miss out on this opportunity! You can get your mortgage approved at the lowest rate with MIKE TABESH under any circumstances. He is an honest, responsible, and committed person. He makes impossible jobs possible!    
    Mohammad Ghafari
  • Mrco Deb
    I'm a realtor and have never had any issues when my clients deal with Mike. No last-minute surprises, no last-minute extra fees, and best of all no stress!
    If you want to have peace of mind with your mortgage, talk to Mike.      
    Mrco Deb
  • Mehdi T
    Always thinking of the best way forward based on client objectives. Taking a professional approach and clear communication make the process of working with Mike and his team consistently problem-free. I can't say enough good things about the professionalism and expertise I have been given by Mike Tabesh. He is meticulous, has high skills interpreting investment risks and I am sure he will always put clients' interests first.  
    Mehdi T
  • Jafar Mirzazkhalili
    Mike is one of the best, if not the best, in the business. He dedicates as much time and cares as necessary to each client depending on their needs. He is very knowledgeable and readily aids his client's understanding of their mortgages. He makes himself available whenever needed and gives very prompt responses. We could not buy our dream house without Mike’s help, we are forever grateful for how he goes above and beyond for his clients! Definitely recommend his services  
    Jafar Mirzazkhalili